T. Dylan Daniel


Thomas Dylan Daniel, M.A. is a philosopher, writer, scientist, and entrepreneur from Texas. His best-known work, Formal Dialectics, is a peer-reviewed philosophical treatise about the ramifications of postmodern thinking on the classical Enlightenment values that colored his own education. In it, Daniel extrapolates from the Gödel Incompleteness Theorem’s classical use-case in mathematics to a far more generalized case: all of language.

Daniel’s interests are wide-ranging: his predominant philosophical preoccupation is the intersection of philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, necessitating studies ranging from physiology to neurophysiology to cognitive neuroscience to psycholinguistics to cognitive anthropology to linguistic anthropology, computer science, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, quantum mechanics, biophysics, and medicine.

The author has done an absurd amount of reading. Generally, he’s made his way by having ideas, which then prove to be wrong. In understanding, so to speak, why a given spitball didn’t stick to a particular wall, the author seems to be able to infer principles that relate to the world. The author is simultaneously convinced that it must be about like this for everyone and mystified that other people don’t follow certain ideas as readily as it seems they should, sometimes.