About Us

WIP (Work In Progress) Publishing is a new publishing company, founded to bring NFTs and publishing together. Publishing is an industry beset by issues; newspapers and magazines have struggled for years and publishing houses and writers haven’t done much better. The internet has unfortunately helped the rich get richer while even the middle-class writer grew very poor.

Now, everything has changed. IPFS and blockchain technology have provided us with the means to host content and track/verify transactions, respectively, and the combination of the two has set the stage for a most remarkable combination of the technologies. Enter the NFTBook Genesis.

Though we’re still very early in our development cycle (hence the NFTBook Genesis moniker), we’ve invented a format which will likely become quite popular as people realize the power of it. Essentially, each NFTBook Genesis Token contains three elements: 1. the NFT (the bit of data stored in the MATIC blockchain); 2. the Hub (the landing page which serves the content to the viewer); and last but certainly not least, 3. the IPFS-stored files which are served.

The possibilities are limitless because the tech stack involves very little economic input and maintenance whilst delivering a highly adaptable user experience (different authors can arrange their NFTBooks differently, and even host different forms of content on the Hub of each NFTBook!). What makes these tokens extra special is that there will only ever be 100 of any of them, at least as first editions.

Imagine: a world in which all books were free to read, but scarce and thus difficult to own. The book could be the status symbol it was during the Middle Ages while also serving content the entire world could access! Stay tuned as we continue to refine these technologies and recruit more and more authors to the #NFTBook cause.

Meet the Team

Ezra Levinger
Metaverse Host
Erick Stow
Art Director
Philip Loyd
Product Manager

How We Started

WIP Publishing came about after a year of conversation between a group of readers and writers who wanted a better experience. Initially, the idea was a NFT-unlockable online magazine. Now it’s the shared goal of a growing group of people to build the Legend of the Library of Alexandria on the blockchain.




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