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WIP Publishing is re-envisioning how authors produce, distribute, and monetize their creative works in new, exciting ways that directly connects them with their readers through #NFTBooks.

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We are a community of writers, book lovers, and NFT collectors gathered around a mission to fuel creative writing. 


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What is an NFT Book?

Our first concept is the NFTBook Genesis, a very basic platform that resembles the webpages we’re all so familiar with, except it doesn’t live on the internet, it lives on IPFS and the blockchain it’s minted to! This gives authors a high level of control and saves them from needing third party actors to keep their content online when they’re not around. It also helps ensure that hosting services don’t make writing too costly for new or young writers who don’t yet have the cashflow needed to ensure an excellent website gets built and stays up.

NFTBook Genesis objects have 3 components: an actual NFT minted to the Ethereum or MATIC blockchain; a Hub, which is a lot like a webpage except for not being on the internet in the same way Medium.com is on the internet; and the Content, including PDF full-text and more. Each NFTBook is essentially its own tradeable platform all about that particular author and book, and the authors can update this content to include translations of the text, links to purchase physical books, audiobooks, and more.

When we started WIPP, we decided to keep costs low by minting and trading via the MATIC blockchain instead of using Ethereum — benefitting authors by unburdening the readers and collectors from ungainly transaction fees. Beyond this, the NFTBook concept allows WIPP to keep costs low on the publisher side, which means we don’t have to pay for a lot of things accepted as necessary in the literature market today.

We educate authors to act as their own promoters, publishers, agents, and so on if they need help selling (reach out to us via Discord if this is you!), but mainly we aim to help writers spend more time writing by maximizing the return from each book they sell, which in turn allows them to spend less time focusing on volume and more time making their books as good as they possibly can be.

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  • Immutable

    NFTBooks feature decentralized storage via IPFS (but possibly also others later!) which renders the content immutable. The idea here isn’t that this thing will last forever, but rather simply as long as the IPFS system stays around — no GeoCities takedown is likely to come along and allow a few executives to shut down the network! Plus it automatically error-corrects content, so even if your files get corrupted at some point in the distant future, they’ll be restored to their full glory without any extra work on your end.

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  • Customizable

    Customization is the name of the game with the NFTBook — each features a Hub, an NFT, and Content displayed in the Hub or as part of the Text the Hub links the user to.

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  • Collectible

    Everyone knows the NFT marketplace is famous for bringing digital scarcity and collectibility to the art market. It can do the same thing for books! As NFTBooks become more popular and people learn to navigate the cryptocurrency environment, these useful tokens will become more scarce. As scarcity increases, so do royalties collected by creators.

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  • Money

    NFTBook Genesis tokens are a form of cryptocurrency backed by the value of the creative works they contain. For writers, this may mean that they can be directly traded for other cryptocurrencies as adoption picks up, but for readers it creates an entirely new aspect of acquiring and/or maintaining a library: scarce digital assets will be even easier to resell than today’s print books!

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